11 Trendy Restaurants with the Finest Chefs in New Orleans

If you are just really starving and want a good value, then New Orleans is a restaurant destination for you. The restaurants in New Orleans have turned food into art.

However, for some inexplicable reason, the cooks in New Orleans still don’t get the standing ovations they have earned, one pot at a time. Look, we have other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. New Orleans doesn’t need celebrity chef validation.

If you are a pasta glutton, perfect restaurants are finally an option in New Orleans. These restaurants are perfect for that special business trip to New Orleans. If you are on a company account, then these are ideal for spending big and impressing clients. A three course, gluttonous feast is easily attainable in New Orleans. Or you could sneak in a quick bite if you have no time.

The restaurants below have all the tastiness and variety you need to eat right and live right. You will be so happy you decided to feast at these places. Feast your hearts out America.

Paladar 511

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511 Marigny St
Ste A