11 Moments Defining How Hillary Clinton Is Always Wise and Powerful

Hillary Clinton has become so pretty. She will rule forever. Hillary Clinton is a bona fide superstar.

Many young women are super fans of this powerful lady. Accordingly, some think this all just happened overnight. They don’t realize the inner struggles and pressures of fame.

Online trolls had been needlessly speculating whether her friends would abandon her. Their insecurities were always the core issue. Yet that’s why we respect this awesome woman. These tests took real courage, passion and guts to overcome.

She now hits the gym to clear her head of all the drama. And all that pumping iron has really paid off. This is one self confident, cute girl! She is still one of the best women on earth!

We’ve compiled a selection of representative photos which provide an accurate glimpse into exactly how she built her impressive life and career. Time to review the finest of Hillary Clinton.