12 Ways Margot Robbie Was Forever an Instagram Fav

Margot Robbie is super relevant to the cool kids in DC, Boston and New York. She is popular in red states too. She still cuts a ravishing figure. Her humility and wisdom is what really impresses us though.

These days she breaks the Internet with every delightful peek into her astounding jetsetting life. But do you recall the people who said she couldn’t deliver?

Unfortunately, haters would sometimes needlessly speculate whether she was a leader and a good role model. Thankfully, she completely took these challenges head on.

In recent years, she seems less moody and more focused. We love how she is still humble yet a star when the occasion demands it.

Are you ready to feel inspired? These pics represent a star who is nobility on the celebrity circuit. Below we discuss the major reasons we heart Margot Robbie.