6 Exciting Ways Lena Dunham Was Basically Powerful and Sexy

Lena Dunham is so amazing that America should have a national holiday to celebrate her glory. She is quirky, fun and cute in every way.

Many people admire her for her looks and other assets. However, we bet she’d rather be known for her brains than her body or bank account. At this juncture, things seem easy. But they weren’t always this way.

Downers had been arguing on talk radio about if she could overcome her fashion faux pas! And would she get help to deal with her relationship issues? Yet that’s why we respect this gal. These tests took real courage to overcome.

In recent situations, she seems happier and more content than before. She is now a high net worth individual. You know, the type who could sing out “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?” because I got them both.

Are you ready to feel animated? Feel the energy?! This incredible photo gallery explains all the ways we admire Lena Dunham.