6 Tasty Eateries with the Most Creative Chefs of Tampa

Tampa is a restaurant destination that is finally getting the respect it deserves. The food in Tampa is simply incredible. The world needs to know!

This town still flies somewhat under the radar, especially when compared to the food scenes in Brooklyn or Austin. Look, we have other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. Tampa doesn’t fret if Guy Fieri hypes it up or not either.

You could be biting into grilled cheese right now. Or trying sustainably grown, fresh vegetables. The restaurants in Tampa bring the heat every breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are slinging specialties that are out of this world. We prefer the restaurants that offer salty, savory dishes mixed with sweet and sour accents. Be sure to seek them out.

These are the types of places you would take a chef to impress them and show you are a foodie in Tampa. Adulting is hard! Let these places feed you tonight.


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1810 N Highland Ave
Tampa, FL 33602