7 Shocking Ways Taylor Swift Has Been Terrific

Taylor Swift is simply a super star and a class act in every way, like literally every single day. She was born to rule. She has crushed it in her career and personal life.

To her biggest fans, her dominance is clear and well-deserved. Before we get to glory, let’s take a moment to recognize the struggles that made Taylor Swift who she is today.

Downers would sometimes whisper whether she could find consistency in her career. Taylor Swift throws shade when needed. It’s increasingly rare but totally glorious.

We wish Taylor Swift would take a break sometimes. But she never relaxes since there is always some sexy newbie trying to steal her spotlight. To wrap this up, we think it’s pretty clear why she has so many loyal fans. She is simply terrific.

These endearing photos can clarify how Taylor Swift has so many fans in America. Let’s examine all the reasons we heart Taylor Swift.