7 Awesome Ways Oprah Winfrey Came Across As Fabulous

Oprah Winfrey has been one fierce female lately. She is secretly an intellectual in every single way. How else would she navigate the world of men and rise to the top?

Currently she’s the best in the business. She is truly a titan in her field. That being said, she absolutely had to fight to get where she is now.

Haters were saying mean things about her body and weight. The negativity has gotten quite tiresome which is why we prefer to present positive coverage of Oprah Winfrey.

For sure, Oprah Winfrey has her priorities straight now. Everyone needs to blow off steam here and there. And she seems so happy to just be dancing. Finally, Oprah Winfrey has embraced her weirdness. And that’s awesome!

It’s tough to capture all the glory in a single post but we try here! Below we examine the prime reasons we heart Oprah Winfrey.