12 Best Eating Options for a Date Night in Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory, North Carolina should be on your restaurant bucket list. The chow is so eatable.

For some unknown reason, the chefs in Hickory, North Carolina still don’t get the credit they have earned. Judge our food for what it is worth. Actually don’t judge at all if you don’t have an open mind. Here at the Exception Magazine, we seek out the most influential people and inspiring place. We like to brag about all that is awesome about food in Hickory, North Carolina.

If you are a seafood lover, ideal restaurants are now available in Hickory, North Carolina. But keep an open mind and an open mouth! The menus are filled with fresh flavors of lemon, spice and oranges. Locavores especially enjoy the old school restuarant institutions in Hickory, North Carolina. It’s like eating your place into history.

These restaurants are so tasty you will ask the chef if its possible to order dinner delivery in Hickory, North Carolina. Your mouth is about to take a trip to wonderland.


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1410 4th St Dr NW
Ste 103
Hickory, NC 28601