9 Swank Restaurants In Philadelphia

Philadelphia should top your list of travel destinations due to its restaurant scene. Yes you heard that right. The food will make you question reality. Yes it is that good.

Rich techies from the wealthiest sections of Brooklyn may not understand why these places are great. But that’s their issue, not ours. Mario Batali can open one more restaurant somewhere else for all we are care. Philadelphia doesn’t want or seek validation from celebrity chefs.

Whether you are a chicken lover or a pork fiend, here are the ideal restaurants for you, your family, your friends, even your colleagues. In Philadelphia, the chefs will challenge your palates with their creations. Some are casual for chilling with your gal pals while others are for dressing up to impress your boss.

Millennials have been raving about these tasty places for a reason in Philadelphia. Jump in an Uber, hop in your truck or lace up your sneakers. You need to check in at one of these restaurants asap for a fine meal.

Tria Cafe Wash West

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1137 Spruce St
Washington Square West
Philadelphia, PA 19107