6 Authentic Restaurants In Eliot, Maine

You know that new food fad which is sweeping the nation? Well, thankfully the chefs in Eliot, Maine create culinary trends. They aren’t followers. If you are worried that only millennials understand these secret eating establishments, well, don’t be! The friendly waitresses will welcome you. They are your tour guides when you go on a feasting adventure.

Detractors still don’t realize how good the food is in Eliot, Maine. We don’t care if a shameless celeb like Kim Kardashian ever takes a selfie around here.

If you want negativity, look at another food site. At the Exception Magazine, we prefer to focus on all that is positive and inspirational. Whether you like beef, pork or chicken for your main meal, there are hearty restaurants ready in Eliot, Maine.

Many people like how the knowledgeable kitchen staff tries to recommend the best dishes for you. Locals especially enjoy all the old school institutions in Eliot, Maine. It’s like eating your place into history.

The Black Birch

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2 Government St
Kittery, ME 03904