12 Shocking Moments When Oprah Winfrey Has Been Truly Powerful

Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s most famous people. Confidence and beauty can take years of practice. This powerful woman shows us how it’s done.

To her biggest fans in the world, her dominance is clear and well-deserved. A little bit of perspective is essential, however. It has not always been a super easy and rad ride for Oprah Winfrey.

Frequently haters had been arguing on talk radio about whether she was tough enough to last in the business. Her risks didn’t always work as expected. That’s why we like her. These trials show that she can take human form.

Right now, we are obsessed with how she is calm under pressure and gets amazing results. Her life shows you can have great relationships and a great career.

Are you people totes ready to feel inspired? It’s so interesting how she is basically you IRL and your BFF rolled into one. Here is the definitive list of why we like Oprah Winfrey.