6 Bizarre Times Sarah Palin Has Been Sexy and Confident

Can we just state the obvious? Sarah Palin is simply dazzling. She is beloved by a wide cross section of America, from military vets to mall rats.

These days, her preeminence is mythical. It is a sight to see Sarah Palin slay. Nevertheless, from another vantage point, it’s actually been a rocky road thus far.

Downers would frequently speculate whether she was too sassy to get to the next level. If you have a problem with this lady, that is your issue. No trolls here please!

This icon knows you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine. She is a true icon. She has embraced her inner weirdness and her talents shine through just like a diamond.

These fun (and slightly sexy!) photos explain why she went from an unknown to a global superstar. Time to recap the primary reasons we follow Sarah Palin.