10 Incredible Times That Sarah Palin Was Kinda a Natural Leader

Sarah Palin has really embraced being so pretty and so adorable. She takes lots of selfies to give her fans a look into her life. But who is she really?

Currently she’s a superstar. But first there are some things you need to know about her life.

Downers were aimlessly speculating whether she could grow beyond her initial success. They tried to kill her dreams after her first breakout win. It gets old quickly. This post isn’t about all that negativity. We prefer the sunny breezes.

She didn’t take the bait then and make it about her sexuality, gender or race. But she could have! In conclusion, Sarah Palin proves you can change your fortunes by surrounding yourself with great mentors and taking their good advice.

You may not agree with all her choices or politics. But that’s ok! We can’t wait to see what happens next in her perfectly crazy life. Here is solid proof Sarah Palin is going to rule for a while!