14 Legendary Hotels to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Boise

Boise has the greatest hotels in the anywhere. This town has plenty of hotels and spas which are situated right in the center of the city. All the action is right out your door.

What is your go to hotel booking site? Do you compare Kayak, Hotels.com, Orbitz and Expedia? Each tourist should have their own criteria to define the ideal hotel.

We get that many travellers really care more about the scene than anything else and will pay extra for it. In full transparency, there have been comments that the decor is outdated at a few of these gems. Other than that though, these hotels in Boise are known for their helpful staff.

Nevertheless, in the final analysis, the attention to legendary service is what separates these hotels from others. We hope you like our top hotel picks. Have fun in Boise.

The Riverside Hotel

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2900 W Chinden Blvd
Boise, ID 83714