8 Jaw-Dropping Times Ashley Benson Was Kinda a Huge Star

Ashley Benson might act a fool but she is serious about winning. She takes lots of selfies to give her fans a look into her life. But who is she really?

It’s about time for a retrospective of recent glories because she is awesome. All that being noted, her rise to the elite has its own set of ordeals to handle.

Naysayers would sometimes whether she was truly intelligent. As if they’d ask a man that! She just keeps on living her life though. And she can shut down body shamers instantly with a hot Insta post.

In recent years, she seems less moody and more focused. We love how she fought her way to the top and continues to dominate.

Are you ready to feel inspired by this master? Here are a few times we completely cherished and revered Ashley Benson.