6 Unbelievable Ways Taylor Swift Really Is Born to Rule

This planet needs more role models. Which is why we need more Taylor Swift in our lives! She is a closet nerd. But she desires recognition in high fashion circles too.

There are so many young men who are super fans of this powerful lady. Taylor Swift came from humble beginnings. She had to fight off enemies now and then on her path to glory.

Way too many naysayers had been arguing on morning talk shows about if she could keep her family in line. Burnout was a real possibility. Taylor Swift will simply keep on living her life, no matter what anyone says. We heart how she shuts down body shamers with an Insta post.

Even though she is a class act in front of the cameras, Taylor Swift knows you can be real when chilling with your BFF. In summary, Taylor Swift is proof you need to surround yourself with great mentors.

The following examples prove why she slays. Here is the definitive list of why we like Taylor Swift.