12 Delicious Restaurants to Satisfy Your Appetite in Jacksonville

Seeking a fresh food destination? Why not consider Jacksonville for your next holiday? The chow is so eatable.

This town still flies somewhat under the radar, especially when compared to the food scenes in Brooklyn or Austin. Look, we have other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. To be forthcoming though, the region doesn’t want or seek celebrity chef approval.

Whether you are a taco lover or a sandwich fiend, here are the best restaurants for you. We like how these places can mix American food with ethnic fare. It’s a melting pot that is mind meltingly awesome. We prefer the hip restaurants that provide challenging salty, savory dishes mixed with ending notes that are both sweet and sour.

These restaurants are so tasty you will ask the chef if its possible to order dinner delivery in Jacksonville. Eat up!


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1019 Hendricks Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32207