10 Fascinating Photos Showing Oprah Winfrey Can Rule the World. She Is a Lady

Oprah Winfrey holds our attention because she is so brave and beautiful. She is a rare crossover. Oprah Winfrey has fans who are White, fans who are Latino and fans who are black.

These days she rules the Internet with every post. Even so, it was a constant hustle at the start of her career.

Haters had been needlessly speculating whether her body was real or if she had plastic surgery. She is a resilient feminist and leader however. And she will always triumph in the end. If you try to cross her, you will be put in your place.

Everyone needs to blow off steam here and there. And she seems so happy to just be dancing. The world is still spinning and each day, Oprah Winfrey keeps on winning.

These shocking photos can help you understand why she has so many followers. Enjoy these fun snapshots into the life of the incredible Oprah Winfrey.