15 Fine Food Joints for Foodies In Rumford, Maine

Rumford, Maine simply has the best grub joints in the country. Don’t believe us? These Maine restaurants have discovered how to transform boring food into exciting art.

If you speculate that Maine only offers road side clam shacks, then prepare to be amazed. Look, Rumford, Maine has many other options than fast food.

This town doesn’t want or seek approval from the Food Channel. Feeling some seafood tonight? We got you! Or how about some delicious vegetarian. Even meat lovers would convert if they could taste these dishes.

These Maine restaurants are perfect for gluttony. But there are options for people on a diet. We sure prefer the restaurants that cook up savory dishes mixed with sweet yet sour accents. Be sure to seek these treats out.

22 Broad Street

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22 Broad St
Bethel, ME 04217