8 Cute Ways Brandi Love Was Totes Uplifting

Looking for a leader who knows how to break all the rules? Check out Brandi Love She is a winner in this crazy game we all call life. She is a closet nerd. But she desires recognition in high fashion circles too.

Currently she is one of the most recognizable people on this planet. To her Instagram followers, it may seem like there’s nothing missing in her life. But we wouldn’t be surprised if some tears come at night.

The year 2014 brought new highs and new lows. But whatevs! She is still remarkable in every single way.

In recent times, Brandi Love looks more focused. She is now a high net worth individual. Congrats!

These rare moments capture how she crushes life and still enjoys the wild ride. Check out these recent times we were in awe of Brandi Love.