5 Fine Dining Options Only Natives Could Appreciate In Wichita

Guess what the best place for mind-blowing food is right now? Wichita brings it every day to every single table. Yup, you heard that exactly right. The local tourist board should start a campaign promoting the restaurants we have selected.

However, for some inexplicable reason, the cooks in Wichita still don’t get the standing ovations they have earned, one pot at a time. Seriously, Taylor Swift and her squad can dine elsewhere for all we are concerned. The locals in Wichita want to keep all the delish dishes as their own secret. That includes the unique way they prep a sirloin steak dinner served with fries and garnished with organic vegetables.

You could be biting into grilled cheese right now. Or trying local grown, fresh veg. These restaurants are perfect for your family birthday party. Or if you are somewhat hungy, on a diet and want to get a quick bite with your coworkers. A few restaurants we have showcased in Wichita are extremely fancy and appropriate for special occasions. Others are more laid back and better for friends.

We have picked a mix of classic establishments. Then we mixed in the newest, trendy joints. This is the first complete tour of the restaurants in Wichita. Your tired taste buds are set to take a trip to a land of culinary bliss.

Wichita Brewing Co & Pizzeria

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8815 W 13th St
Wichita, KS 67212