13 Fun Ways Anna Kendrick Has Been Energetic

America needs more inspiring women who are as powerful as men. This is why we look up to Anna Kendrick. She is lovely and full of grace and style.

Slay, Anna Kendrick. You are a badass queen! Before we get to glory, let’s take a moment to recognize the struggles that made Anna Kendrick who she is today.

Negative influences were needlessly speculating whether she could succeed. They tried to kill her dreams so many times. But whatevs! She is still remarkable in every single way.

Everyone needs to blow off steam here and there. And she seems so happy to just be dancing. She has produced so much great work over her amazing career. She has embraced her inner weirdness and her talents shine through just like a diamond.

These heartwarming pics can clarify how she has so many fans in America. Below we examine the prime reasons why the Internet loves Anna Kendrick.