7 Unusual Dinner Places Where Meals Become Art in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia has plenty of the most appetizing restaurants on earth. Venture beyond the roadside dinners, dives and food truck trends. Tasty meals await nearby.

The fancy foodies might say this place has dog food on the menu, not people food. TV chef Gordon Ramsay and the like can take his cruel shtick somewhere else. This place doesn’t need outside validation though. Residents can munch all they want at these hidden gems.

Need to impress a picky millennial tonight? Or maybe you need to take Dad out for dinner. Many people praise how the friendly wait staff tries to recommend the best dishes for you. Old timers in Augusta, Georgia especially recommend trying out the old school institutions here.

Use Open Table, the phone, whatever you need to do to get a reservation. Let food and freedom ring.

Craft & Vine

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1204B Broad St
Augusta, GA 30901