5 Exciting Ways Amy Schumer Has Been Truly a Total Smokeshow

Amy Schumer has truly been a powerhouse for this digital age. She is known for being quirky and smart. Amy Schumer is also bold yet still totally gorgeous.

These days, the supremacy of Amy Schumer is a sight to see. Yet life hasn’t been a dance in the club. The will of Amy Schumer has been tried and tested many times.

Haters would sometimes be questioning whether she was bold enough to win. It all seemed quite hopeless. So what, for realz? Who cares!!?

She is an absolute professional and dove into work. And that was salvation. Her shine today is like a midsummer’s night dream. Or a warm fire in winter.

These fun photos explain why she went from an unknown to a global superstar. Isn’t it unbelievable how well-known she is? Below we discuss the major reasons we heart Amy Schumer.