Hangry? Taste These 12 Bistros and Cafes That Only Locals Can Appreciate in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is truly emerging as a destination for its tasty restaurants. The grub is tantalizingly delicious everywhere now. It all seemed so sudden.

Have you speculated that this town is all filled with Chipotle, Little Caesars and Dairy Queen? Wow that’s an ignorant view. Yet none of that noise really makes much of a difference to the chefs in Portland, Oregon. This town cares more about good food than satisfying the world’s 1 percent.

Whether you like rice, corn or grains for your starch, here are the best restaurants for you. Locavores can loudly shout that real human beings make all the meals here. And the cooks go organic and avoid GMOs whenever possible. Taste any of these delicious dishes and you will be crawling back for more. They are simply that good.

We would never waste any of our readers’ valuable time. So we cut down the list and are only featuring the absolute most captivating restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Time for food.

The Picnic House

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723 SW Salmon St
Southwest Portland
Portland, OR 97205