6 Lodging Spots for Business Travelers to Worcestor

Are you and the fam headed to Worcestor for fun and need a hotel? We love the 1960s but don’t want to recreate the experience during our stay. Thankfully there are modern choices.

Booking a hotel in Worcestor can be problematic if you delay until the prime tourist season. Our readers believe that each traveler should have their own criteria to define the best hotel.

Business travellers demand key amenities and great wifi while romantics may seek a cushy room with a stunning city view for the holiday. The bathrooms may be a tad spartan. But that is to be expected when staying downtown.

Clearly, Worcestor is known as a tourist destination for good reason. On behalf of the locals, we truly hope you enjoy your stay in Worcestor!

Beechwood Hotel

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363 Plantation St
Worcester, MA 01605