15 Absolute Best Gruberies That Are the Best Kept Secrets in Old Town, Maine

Old Town, Maine is now a major destination for its mouthwatering restaurants. The restaurants in Old Town, Maine are bringing a revolution to local cuisine.

Old Town, Maine still flies somewhat under the radar, especially when compared to the food scenes in Brooklyn or Quebec City. We don’t care if a shameless celeb like Kim Kardashian ever takes a selfie around here.

Old Town, Maine is a true foodie town and the people here do not care if a clown like Guy Fieri highlights it on food TV. Whether you want a pizza for the family or something fancy for your date, we have you covered.

The juicy seafood is typically purchased super fresh from the boat from Hancock, Waldo and Sagadahoc counties. Legit locavors especially recommend trying out the old school institutions in Old Town, Maine when showing around out of towners.


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