12 Cafes and Saloons That Are Local Landmarks of Bellingham, Washington

What would you recommend to a tourist visiting Bellingham, Washington for the first time? The cuisine is so fresh and fun, not to mention nourishing and somewhat healthy.

The fancy foodies might say this place has dog food on the menu, not people food. Yet, impressing critics is not a priority. The locals in Bellingham, Washington know what is good. On second thought, anyone can have an opinion. It takes real skills to run a restaurant.

Whether you like beef, pork or chicken for your main meal, there are hearty restaurants ready in Bellingham, Washington. The menus are bursting with fresh flavors and quality ingredients like peanuts, quinoa and potatoes. Here’s a pro tip: ask for the off menu items.

Here is the most comprehensive list of top eateries in Bellingham, Washington. May you have a perfect meal soon.

The Real McCoy

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114 Prospect St
Bellingham, WA 98225