11 Awesome Ways Amy Schumer Has Always Been Humble and Kind

Amy Schumer has captivated us because she is so kind yet courageous. She crushes life. And still finds time to show she cares about society.

To the most hardcore followers, her dominance is well-deserved. ‘Nuff said about that. But let’s not skip over the recent drama!!

So many Doubters would often speculate whether she was really strong and tough enough to last in the business. She didn’t need the hurt and she didn’t need the pain. So she likely said to herself, “girl, don’t stop now, you can be the champion.”

Even though she is a class act in front of the cameras, Amy Schumer knows you can be real when chilling with your BFF. In conclusion, Amy Schumer proves you can change your fate by taking life by the horns. Lean in and slay!

These pics summarize why and how she slays everyday. Time to recap the primary reasons we follow Amy Schumer.