13 Top Hotels for Weekend Trips to Bangor, Maine

Are you and your colleagues headed to Bangor, Maine for a week of work? Do you now need a hotel? Great hotels are here with very friendly staff and super locations.

Delightedly, it’s now easier than ever to find a hotel or spa in Bangor, Maine for any occasion. Our travel experts believe that each tourist should have their own criteria to define the best hotel.

We understand most travellers only want the best price. Yet others care more about the vibe and will pay extra for it. In full transparency, there have been comments that the decor is outdated at a few of these gems. Other than that though, these truly are incredible hotels.

In this photo gallery, the hotels have been selected as the cream of the crop. They are the absolute best in Bangor, Maine. We hope you like your hotel and have fun in Bangor, Maine.

Residence Inn Bangor

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22 Bass Park Boulevard
Bangor, ME 04401