9 Proofs That Oprah Winfrey Was Forever Down to Earth

Do you mind if we state a self-evident fact? Oprah Winfrey is a slayer. She is a rare crossover. Oprah Winfrey has fans who are White, fans who are Latino and fans who are black.

Men and women alike are superfans of this powerful lady. Oprah Winfrey came from humble beginnings. It took work to reach the pinnacle of success. And she had to fight off enemies now and then.

Way too many haters were needlessly speculating if she was tough enough to last in the business. Thankfully, Oprah Winfrey took those threats head on.

Even though she is a class act at work, she shows you can be a goof with your squad. Oprah Winfrey proves women can have it all if they trust that things will work out.

These pics summarize why Earth cares. Here are ways we obviously like Oprah Winfrey.