15 Hot Spots for Foodies In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is truly emerging as a destination for its amazing restaurants. The restaurants in Edinburgh are so exciting and yummy. These places will certainly satisfy your cravings.

Even though this town deserves more Michelin stars, there are food snobs who haven’t experienced the glory yet. Seriously, Tom Hiddleston can dine elsewhere for all we are concerned. The lack of PR simply equals bigger portions for us. Oh yea!

If you are a seafood lover, ideal restaurants are now available in Edinburgh. But keep an open mind and an open mouth! We can snobbishly claim that honest, down to earth chefs cook all the choice dishes nearby. They rely on the simplest recipes passed down from generations. Just close your eyes and imagine drizzling olive oil all over a steaming plate or salad featured here.

Let us settle the meatless Mondays argument by trying these cheerful eateries. Enough talk, let’s get to the grub.

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