Alert Zagats! 14 Trendy Restaurants That Dominate In Centralia, Washington

Guess which place has the best cooks on earth in this age? Be ready to have your identity changed. Yes, Centralia, Washington is the greatest spot for food right now. The food in Centralia, Washington is quite creative and more importantly, delicious. The cooks and staff can truly satisfy any craving.

This really is not some fast food saturated wasteland anymore. Seriously, Gordon Ramsay can dine elsewhere. That’s not our problem though. Just means more fine food for the locals in Centralia, Washington to enjoy.

If you want a good Chinese food, you may need to keep looking. But crispy pizza? Check. Delish doughnuts? No problemo! Top value, DONE. What else are you waiting for? We can honestly say that real humans make the food around here. You can taste the attention to detail and pride in their culinary creations. These places offer the soups, salads and steaks this town deserves.

We would never waste any of your time with second-rate restuarants. So we cut down the list and only are presenting the most legit restaurants in Centralia, Washington. Let’s eat now!


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818 Harrison Ave
Centralia, WA 98531