8 Pics Showing Kendall Jenner Will Be Forever Warm and Funny

Can we go ahead and say the obvious? Kendall Jenner is a national treasure. She could be chic when the occasion demands it like red carpet events and award shows. But when she is relaxing with her squad, she is also super chill. Birthdays and other holidays are celebrations done right.

These days, her dominance is magical and a sight to see. But first there are some things you need to know about her life.

Do you recall how bloggers would make fun of her red carpet looks? Thankfully, Kendall Jenner took those challenges head on.

She has generated an obscene amount of wealth by sticking to her strengths. In conclusion, Kendall Jenner is ideal in her own way.

We hope you find inspiration here. Here is the definitive list of why we like Kendall Jenner.