14 Incredible Restaurants In New Orleans

New Orleans is a restaurant destination for people of all persuasions. You will find the dish you have been dreaming about. The umami levels (that’s the savory taste) are absolutely unreal in New Orleans.

The critics might say this place lives off food stamps and therefore there are no good restaurants. They are so uninformed about local cuisine. Look, we have other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. To be forthcoming though, the region doesn’t want or seek celebrity chef approval.

Still think this town is all about rice and beans? You need to upgrade your view! These influential restaurants are skilled and really stage a meal like it is art. Appetizers flow seamlessly to entrees and deserts. Some are casual for chilling with your bros while others are for dressing up to impress your boss.

The following fine restaurants have the choices you want to eat well and live the good life in New Orleans. Take delight in the future of food and local cuisine.

Maïs Arepas

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1200 Carondelet St
Central City
New Orleans, LA 70130