14 Sublime Times Oprah Winfrey Has Been Down to Earth

Oprah Winfrey knows how to break all the rules…and win the game we call life! She takes lots of selfies to give her fans a look into her life. But who is she really?

These days she breaks the Internet with every social media post. Despite her accomplishments, the mainstream public perception hasn’t caught up to reality yet.

Remember how people would talk trash about her choice in lovers? It was all a bunch of noise and our queen knew how to cancel it out.

Oprah Winfrey demonstrates that you can have plenty of fun in life. And still crush it at your job. She knows how to dress to impress and can project her power in many ways.

These pretty pics provide a glimpse into exactly how she built her amazing life. Here are the top times we totally treasured and admired Oprah Winfrey.