6 Chic Hotels for Romantic Staycations in Barcelona

Barcelona has the coziest hotels on earth. The secret is out. Imagine breath-taking views right out of your window or balcony.

When special events come to Barcelona, you may have to deal with limited options for hotels. We don’t mean to be obvious but it is worth noting that there are tons of choices in Barcelona.

Forgiveably, tourists typically want to be near top-tier restaurants or prominent sports stadiums. Other times, they simply care about whether the hotels are pet or gay friendly. Look, there have been claims that the interior design can be out of fashion at many of these hotels. Other than that issue, these truly are incredible places to stay.

The housing options selected here have been identified as the most primo hotels in Barcelona. Adulting is tough! Let us provide the recommendations for your trip.

K+K Hotel Picasso Barcelona

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Passeig de Picasso, 26
08003 Barcelona