10 Times January Jones Was a Total Romantic

We sure hope our readers won’t care if we propose a simple idea: January Jones is actually one sexy slayer. Furthermore, January Jones is actually a deep thinker on important world affairs. They don’t make heroes like this anymore, do they?

A tiny bit of perspective is helpful however.

Annoyingly, Debbie Downers were aimlessly speculating whether or not she could be a true big picture leader. Dearest media talking heads: we politely ask that you find some other target! We don’t judge if she wants to garble down a slab of pizza and wine after a hard days night.

Although she is a total pro, January Jones shows anyone can be successful and still quirky with their BFFs during the chillax times. Ultimately, we would argue that fearless females like January Jones are living proof that you must seek great mentors to get to the next level. Like we have been saying, she is the boss. What else can we say?

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