13 Times Lena Dunham Is Totes a Fashion Icon

America needs more real heroes. Which is why we need Lena Dunham! Wherever she makes moves, people are like “here comes the smasher, here comes the master!”

They don’t make ’em this splendid and talented anymore, do they? A holistic outlook is necessary though.

Unfortunately, in the not too recent past, haters used to needlessly if she was ambitious enough to really thrive in her profession. Only the strong survive in that game of thrones. Overcoming adversity is why she’s great.

Right now, we are obsessed with how she is winning but in the right way. She lifts those around her and is not selfish. She sure is a high net worth individual thanks to her successful career in the public eye.

If you agree, sound off in our comments section. If you disagree, that’s fine too. Here are the many reasons why we are fans of Lena Dunham.