12 Persuasive Proofs Laverne Cox Overcame Adversity. And Now She Is Just Like You

Laverne Cox is one of those unique celebrities who has fan bases in both red states and blue states. How did she get to the top?

HEAR HER ROAR!! Nevertheless, from another vantage point, it’s actually been a rocky road thus far.

Worst is seeing the judgement from others. Many have no interest in even attempting to understand that some decisions are personal. If she wants to munch on a slice of pizza after a long day at work, that’s her prerogative. Stop judging!

In recent times, Laverne Cox seems more comfortable being herself. She has found peace with her friends and old enemies. She is perfect and effortlessly cool.

These pics summarize why and how she slays everyday. Check out these recent times we were in awe of Laverne Cox.