Kanye and Wiz Khalifa Are at War on Twitter!

kanye wiz

Rap superstars Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa sure have an awkward relationship.  Kanye once dated Wiz’s baby mama Amber Rose when he spotted her on the set of the music video for “What Them Girls Like.” They dated from  2008 to 2010.

They broke up and Kanye took to dissing Rose in his music. A year later Rose got with Wiz and the drama continues to unfold.

Today Wiz published a tweet that set off Kanye, writing “Hit this kk and become yourself.”

kanye wiz at 2.16.26 PM


Kanye assumed that the reference to “KK” was his wife Kim Kardashian. This sent the rapper on a tirade against Wiz:


kanye wiz at 2.15.57 PM


Wiz, however, was quick to note that “KK” actually refers to marijuana.


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The whole episode is one big misunderstanding!


kanye wiz at 2.16.16 PM

But Kanye isn’t letting up, arguing “I am your OG and I will be respected as such.”

He has continued to tweet insults back at Wiz.

kayne diss

Remember when rappers dissed each other in their music? Seems quite quaint in the social media era. Now Twitter is where the best in the game go to war!