14 Stunning Ways That Megyn Kelly Is Totes More Entrepeneurial Than Any Man

Megyn Kelly could be a patriarchy slayer if she wants to be. When you have this level of talent and drive, everyone wants a frontrow seat to watch your life unfold.

Men and women alike love her these days. Yet it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Some perspective is needed however. We can’t forget the past dramas.

Haters had been needlessly speculating whether she was emotionally stable enough to be successful long-term. Thankfully, Megyn Kelly took those challenges head on.

It’s all about the self-confidence and can-do attitude. Success only looks easy but it is really hard. She is finally fully confident in her beauty and speaking with her true voice.

We’ve compiled a selection of candid photos which provide a snapshot into how she runs her life. Below we examine the major reasons why the Internet loves Megyn Kelly.