14 Sublime Ways Margot Robbie Is Always Your BFF

Margot Robbie remains so cute and fun. She is a goof and quirly sometimes. But absolutely serious about her thriving career. Her selfies are glam but still real.

We’d like to do a retrospective of recent times because she is awesome. Margot Robbie came from humble beginnings. It took work to reach the pinnacle of success. And she had to fight off enemies now and then.

Back in the year 2012, she had some soaring highs (for then) and also a few new lows. It’s certainly not easy to fight the power structures of this sexist, racist period.

She is an all time great woman. She makes it clear that you can achieve your dreams if you believe in yourself.

These rare and candid moments capture how Margot Robbie slays everyday. Let’s examine all the reasons we love Margot Robbie.