8 Problems on Donald Trump Which Will Drive Republicans Crazy

Ever wonder what the chattering classes really care about behind closed doors? Donald Trump is their obsession. This year in particular, our political affairs have become a pathetic horse race. But everyone loses their money and their minds in this contest.

Both liberals and conservatives can agree that debate is a good thing for democracy. But can we also agree that we can’t let the media’s rampant biases go unchecked anymore?

Yet sadly, the elite media do not want you to tell it like it is. May we state the obvious for once? Donald Trump should get way more fair coverage on the web and on TV.

These powerful memes show what is happening in our country today. This is especially relevant when it comes to Donald Trump.

This is a site for people who think like adults. Therefore, no promises and absolutely no trigger warnings! We bring you variety because we are some of the last free thinkers. You can try to mask the truth but people are not as stupid as the media thinks.

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