8 Ways Kendra Lust Was Pretty Awesome

Kendra Lust is popular in the Deep South. She is popular on the West Coast. She is basically popular all over America! Fearless, fun and feminist are three words typically used to describe this amazing and pretty person. To her core fan base in the US, the dominance of Kendra Lust will be eternal.

Before we get to the fun, however, a tiny bit of perspective is helpful to set the context.

Naysayers would sometimes question whether she was actually intelligent. As if they’d ask a man that!

Dear media talking heads: stop judging her! If Kendra Lust wants to chow on a huge tub of ice cream after a hard days night, well, that’s her prerogative. Now Kendra Lust is the definition of strength and self-confidence.

The life of Kendra Lust proves that today’s women might not be able to have it all but they are getting closer. Slay!

The photo gallery below is like a love letter to one of our favorite ladies. We can’t list all the awesomeness in one post but these pics certainly represent why Kendra Lust is so popular.


Kendra Lust 2016-09-03 at 1.54.34 PM