8 Restaurants to Impress a Date in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is stocked with the best burger places. And that’s just a sample of the cuisine. Sometimes you start shopping and ask the old cell where can I buy organic produce? And then you realize it would be easier to let a professional handle dinner.

However, for some inexplicable reason, the cooks in Portland, Oregon still don’t get the standing ovations they have earned, one pot at a time. Look, Portland, Oregon has other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here. Portland, Oregon doesn’t want or seek validation from TV celebrity chefs.

Looking for cutting-edge vegan or vegetarian restaurants? Or maybe you need to fill up at a classic standby for steaks and chops. In Portland, Oregon, the most in-demand chefs will make you question reality after you taste their famous creations. Yes, they are that skilled at their craft. Some are cheap and some are fancy. All are Instagram worthy.

We would not waste any of your time and have selected the most legit restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Your eyes will pop once you see these dishes.

The Observatory

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8115 SE Stark St
Southeast Portland
Portland, OR 97215