6 Fine Dining Destinations Where Food Becomes Art in Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas offers top secret restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The local tourist board should start a campaign promoting the restaurants we have selected.

Manhattan, Kansas aint no flyover cowtown people. We aren’t measuring tastiness and service by someone else’s arbitrary standards however. The born and bred want to keep it all for themselves in Manhattan, Kansas.

Whether you like maize, potatoes or grains for your starch, there are hearty restaurants matched for your tastes. You will be inspired by how these cool cooks use hot sauces, sriracha, chili peppers and garlic in their roasts. Celebrate an anniversary or a big promotion at your job with a quality meal.

These restaurants are so tasty you will ask the chef if its possible to order dinner delivery in Manhattan, Kansas. Time for food.

So Long Saloon

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1130 Moro St
Manhattan, KS 66502