7 Swank Restaurants to Seal the Deal in Houma, Louisiana

Seeking a fresh food destination? Why not consider Houma, Louisiana for your next holiday? Secret restaurants are hidding in plain sight.

Even though this town deserves more Michelin stars, there are food snobs who haven’t experienced the glory yet. In all honesty, super self-righteous foodies may prefer to dine elsewhere. Oh well, more for us then.

You could be biting into a dish straight from a deep-frying cook right now. Or scooping up fresh guacamole and beans if that’s your thing. In Houma, Louisiana, the menus are itemized with freshly harvested, totally modern ingredients. But you can also opt for classics like pizzas, BBQ ribs, burgers and yes, finger lickin’ fried chicken. A three course, gluttonous feast is easily attainable in Houma, Louisiana. Or you could sneak in a quick bite if you have no time.

The following restaurants know how to cook dishes to perfection. The depth of flavor is stunning. Call the Restaurant Association of America or whichever group hands out prizes nowadays! These places are the best around.

Firehouse Subs

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1826 Martin Luther King Blvd
Ste I
Houma, LA 70360