9 Unusual Dinner Places for a Powerluncheon in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Whitewater, Wisconsin is a restaurant destination for families, business folks and singles alike. The cuisine is so fresh, fun, nourishing and healthy.

For whatever reason, the cooks in Whitewater, Wisconsin still don’t get the credit they deserve. Global elites may prefer to vacation in other places. Their disdain for Real America is palpable. On second thought, anyone can have an opinion. It takes real skills to run a restaurant.

Fiending for a steak cooked rare and bloody? Or do you want a fresh, seasonal salad instead. Or maybe both! You will appreciate how the knowledgeable kitchen staff try to recommend the best dishes for you. A few are extremely exclusive and others are more accessible to the hungry masses. You can even find deals for a full plate for under $10.

There are ways to ball on a budget at these picks. Come get supper!

841 Brewhouse

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841 E Milwaukee St
Whitewater, WI 53190