10 Comfy Hotels for Treks to Newark

The hotels in Newark have dramatically improved over the years. Meetings, whether for making money or spending it, are all a short can ride away.

It can be difficult to find the right hotel when there are so many great options. Historical value is one variable many seek. But it is a slippery idea and can be enticing or irritating depending on your preferences.

Gays may have different expectations than straight couples but a good hotel is a good hotel for everyone. A drop of honesty is key however. There have been complaints that the decor is outdated at a few of these gems. Other than that, these truly are splendid hotels.

The following hotels in this photo gallery have been selected to be the absolute best in Newark. Pick any of these hotels for the 5 star experience.

Courtyard Marriott

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600 Rte 1 and 9 S
Newark, NJ 07114